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Our new Odor-Proof barrier bag, OPSAK, has all of the features of the aLOKSAK plus a new-generation barrier film that is completely odor-proof. Now you can carry food and toiletries virtually undetected. Great for preventing animal intrusions at the campsite.

"When bear canisters are overkill-but you still want to critter-proof your food against racoons, squirrels, and marmots-get LOKSAK's OPSAK bag.  These resealable, washable, polyethylene bags are watertight, airtight, and odorproof, so they prevent animals from sniffing out your edibles and toiletries."   

-  Kelly Bastone  Gear Guide BACKPACKER Magazine.  

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Typical items stored in our OPSAK

  • Certified waterproof to 60 meters / 200 feet
  • Tested and approved by Scuba Schools International (SSI)
  • Safe. Our medical grade film is FDA approved
  • Temperature rated -40F to 170F
  • Ecologically smart. Highly reusable and 100% made of recyclable Polyethylene.
  • Camping and food supplies
  • Anaerobic incubator chambers (specimens grow five times faster than in expensive anaerobic chambers)
  • Pack out body waste
  • Long term bio-hazard storage
  • Soiled diapers
  • Tobacco products
  • Rehydrate or cook dry foods with boiling water
Sizes and SKU's
Size SKU
7" X 7.75" OP3-7x7
9.15" X 10.75" OP3-9X10
12.25" X 20.75" OP3-12X20
28" X 21" OP2-28X20