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Highly waterproof. Despite trying to get the bags to leak under pressure, overstuffing, abusing and even power washing with a hose and power washer fitting, the bags would not leak and all contents stayed dry. I even threw a bag fully loaded into my washing machine and no leaks.
- Michael Hodgson, Editor SNEWS Magazine

 "Water is a huge problem.  This is by LOKSAK.  What I can do is turn on the phone and still operate it!  Press this and look, here comes my email...!  One thing I want to mention is these are military grade.  Super lightweight, stays soft, no BPA...Great product!
- Dr. Frank appearing on Daily Buzz National TV

“I’ve seen waterproof cases for the iPad sell for over $30, but a 3-pack for $10.50 is a much better value to me, especially given that it works great.
(There is a $15.00 minimum order, however.)

The sensitivity of the touchscreen didn’t change at all — when sealed tightly, there were no issues with dragging my finger across the surface of the bag to swipe the screen or open an app. A buddy asked whether a 1-gallon freezer bag would work the same way, and I tried it. It does work, but the zip-seal at the top just doesn’t give me the same warm/fuzzy feeling inside that the seal on the aLOKSAK provides. (And the brand name written across the freezer bag in white letters is a bit annoying.)”
- James Floyd

I use these on my boat for the registration and important papers, as well as to keep items dry while scuba diving, such as my wallet cell phone and a marine vhf handheld radio. I suggest that if you will use it for diving, you use a nylon cover over the bag to prevent it from being punctured or scuffed. I tested one by leaving 2 dry sponges and a lead sinker in one for 30 days @40 feet in San Francisco Bay. Sponges came out dry.
- Reviewer:  manyguns

I think your OPSAK bags are ideally suited for a laboratory setting. Whereas most anaerobic chambers are expensive, your bags are not. Also, they function better, require less space, and reduce the environment within the bag much quicker. As a scientist, I have nothing but the utmost confidence in your bags.
-- Jerome Thomas McKay, Mountaineer and Microbiologist serving in Iraq

“One of the best discoveries I have made in the last year are the aLOKSAK bags. Now, simply put, if I don’t have my gear in an aLOKSAK, I don’t go.”
- Billy Trolan, MD
Medical Consultant: Naval Special Warfare, Air Force Pararescue, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I can't say enough about how much we love these bags. The addition of the aLOKSAK in our Ultra Light Series has made them out hottest selling kits. We sell them very successfully into every market and industry.
- Frank Meyer, Co-Founder Adventure Medical Kits

The Splashsak comes in two sizes; one for personal items such as identification and money, and another for charts and maps. The pockets are easy to seal and protected in a nylon shell. I recommend these to all North American Fishing Club members.
- Guy Barton, Anchorage, AK

You guys have a great product and it is the best that I have seen. I've been using your bags for years and I am very impressed. It is no doubt that the USAF, Medical Specialists and other organizations are relying on your bag; my U.S. Army Special Forces Dive Detachment will rely on them too.

We will deploy with the ALOKSOK into the hot, humid, wet, muggy jungles of South East Asia and I expect that the product will serve us very well.

I intend to use the product to waterproof EVERYTHING against salt water and rain. As a Combat Dive Detachment we have a great need to have all electronics and gear waterproofed for Maritime Operations, surface swimming operations and diving. Salt water is a killer of gear and equipment and your product is just what we need.

Thank you and keep us posted on any updated gear.


MSG Robert J. Burton